5 Beloved Celebrities Criticized for Showing Their Beach Body— Photos

Their experiences extend beyond just the moments captured in the sand; they’re part of a broader narrative pushing Hollywood towards a more accepting and diverse understanding of beauty, challenging an industry often criticized for its inflexibility.Sasha Obama | Source: Getty Images

Sasha Obama

Longoria’s self-assured stance on aging leads us to Sasha Obama, the youngest daughter of former U.S. President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, who made waves in September 2023 with her beach appearance.

Sasha, who graduated from USC in 2023, was photographed in a bikini top, casually enjoying time with friends while showcasing her midriff. Pictures also showed Sasha smoking a cigarette as she stood in the street chatting with her pals.

Despite being part of a family that has consistently been in the public eye, Sasha’s personal choices and appearance drew sharp criticism from onlookers. The 22-year-old’s casual, confident beach attire was met with disapproval from some, who made unsolicited remarks about her physique.

One commenter bluntly stated, “[She] certainly doesn’t hit the gym like her momma,” unfavorably comparing her fitness regime to that of her mother’s well-known commitment to wellness.


The criticism extended beyond her physique; some comments starkly and unwarrantedly focused on her lifestyle choices with one user simply saying, “I have no words…”, and another adding, “Shameful,” as if to express disappointment or disbelief.

A particularly harsh critique came from someone claiming, “I’ve got a better body than that and I’m 73!” while another voiced a nostalgic lament for perceived lost standards, saying, “I’m old. I remember the days when anyone in the public eye, whether they courted it or not, would not be seen in public like that. Standards have fallen, sadly.”

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